July 24, 2002 Fire Watch

At the time, there is a light southeast wind. Deer Lake is under light smoke. All information here is current to July 23, 2002. Yesterday’s rain has helped the efforts of firefighters and reduced the dangers to our communities. Suppression crews are working to keep the fires away from Sandy Lake. Fire 57 has moved into northwestern Ontario from Manitoba. Most of the 10,700 hectares consumed by this fire are on the Manitoba side. This blaze has been declared inactive and will be monitored. Fire 21 is being observed at 3895 hectares. This fire has no resources on it at this time, since it has been contained on the northwest side of Loon Lake. Fire 27 is being observed at 4933 hectares. Resources dedicated to fighting this fire include: • 1 FB-4 (water bomber) • 6 type 1 crews • 2 type 2 crews • 4 light helicopters • 2 medium helicopters 34 is being observed at 3502 hectares Fire 41 is a new blaze, and my sources did not know at what time or date this fire started. At the moment, it is being observed at 80 hectares. To view maps of the fires surrounding our communities.