Online survey about homepage users to gather information for research

An online survey is collecting information about the people who are using for their homepages. We are hoping that EVERYONE will take a few moments to complete this short survey.


Welcome to the online survey on! 

This survey is set up and maintained by Philipp Budka, a PhD student of the University of Vienna, Austria. Philipp is working with K-Net over the past two years.

He is particularly interested in

  • how homepages are used to share stories, pictures, and music with families, friends, and communities;
  • how people use their homepages to connect with family members, friends, and like-minded people.

To learn about as many MyKnet stories as possible, Philipp created this short online survey that he is asking all users to complete.

It would be great if you could promote this online survey among your friends, relatives and co-workers by sending everyone the link of the survey or simply by referring to the main page.

All information gathered within this survey is kept confidential and for scientific use only. Send your feedback and questions to

Thank you very much for supporting the survey,

Philipp Budka

For more information about Philipp's work, visit his web site at