Upcoming Digital Storytelling videoconference - sharing and researching online

Announcing another important upcoming event ...

Digital Storytelling grassroots online videoconference

A Public Multi-Site Videoconference Meeting

Tuesday, July 24 10am Pacific, noon Central, 1pm Eastern, 2pm Atlantic

About the Event:

This meeting is open to anyone interested in making videos from a grassroots community perspective and sharing them online. We will discuss how we can promote and support digital storytelling and online video in First Nation communities and what will be necessary to support the production of more online videos.

For more information or to join:

Contact Lyle Johnson at 1-877-737-KNET (5638) ext 1387.

For more information on this topic please please visit http://videocom.knet.ca

Click here to view the poster for this event.  Feel free to pass this along to anybody that you may find to be interested in this topic.