“Advancing the Green Agenda via Videoconferencing” meeting is online

The archive of the two hour meeting, connecting 28 sites from across Canada is now posted as a Windows Media video and can be watched by clicking on


Many of the participants in this session had several people attending the meeting at their site. The meeting provided everyone with an opportunity to learn about using videoconferencing as one way to support the protection of our environment.

Several comments were made throughout the meeting about learning from these types of experiences. The video archive of the session is a good way for everyone to take a look at what other people are seeing and hearing. The archived session provides people with an opportunity to examine the features of the session that are working well but it also gives viewers a chance to do some critical examinations on what might be changed to make the meeting that much more effective for all the participants.

Everyone is invited to visit http://videocom.knet.ca to learn more about the VideoCom research project that hosted this event. Please take the time to LOGIN either as new member of the K-Net Meeting Space or to join this particular group (if you have any problems logging in please contact K-Net).

After logging in please consider posting a message in the discussion forum so everyone can continue discussing and sharing stories and experiences that were started during Thursday's meeting.

As well, as local champions it is important that everyone continues to “spread the word” by working with others so they too can know about this work and the opportunities that videoconferencing brings to First Nations.