Connectivity in Aboriginal Communities researchers visit Sioux Lookout

Two researchers from the University of Manitoba were in Sioux Lookout this week meeting with different Aboriginal organizations and making arrangements for the upcoming roundtable workshop on "Connectivity in Aboriginal Communities - Increasing Aboriginal Social Capital".

Any community with video conferencing is invited to attend the Sioux Lookout roundtable. Click here to see the invitation poster


We would like to invite you to participate in a roundtable discussion about the impacts of connectivity and social capital in Aboriginal communities in Canada.  Our goal is to produce a document that reflects the potential of connectivity and information communication technology in relation to social capital in Aboriginal communities in Canada.  We will be holding roundtable meetings in various communities across Canada for interested parties to share their experiences.

Study objectives:

  1. Review the theory of social capital from as it applies from to Aboriginal people in Canada;
  2. Analyze current debates on social capital as it applies to building capacity in Aboriginal communities and institutions, and to how it relates to improvement in social, economic and health outcomes;
  3. Assess the potential and opportunities afforded by information and communication technology, and the issues and concerns that this presents for Aboriginal, federal and provincial governments;
  4. Research the roles that this technology can and does play in the formation of social capital in Aboriginal communities.

Study benefits:

  1. Provide the opportunity for participants to network with other individuals involved in ICT and connectivity in Aboriginal communities, both online and in person;
  2. Share the results by providing all participants with the final report;
  3. Support the understanding of social capital and increase awareness of the impact of social capital and information and communication technology in Aboriginal communities;
  4. Identify potential applications that contribute to Aboriginal social capital, through both direct and indirect means.

To participate please contact:

Heather Henley
Research Coordinator
Faculty of Human Ecology
University of Manitoba
204 474 7142

Please RSVP for catering purposes.

Another way to participate in this research and share your story about "Connectivity in Aboriginal Communities - Increasing Aboriginal Social Capital" is to go online and join the discussion forum to learn about this important topic. Visit for more information and to join the discussions set up for this research project.