Dentist visits Keewaywin for the first time.

This week on April 22nd to the 26th 2002. Keewaywin had their first visit from a dentist. Dennis Hewitt is from Toronto and is home based in Sioux Lookout. He works out of the Sioux Lookout Zone hospital. So i'm sure most of the northern residents who go to the zone will recongize him. As this is Keewaywin's first dental visit. The equipments had to be flown in from Sioux Lookout, most of the equipment was late in getting in and the first day they did no fillings, just tooth extractions (ouch). The X-ray machine was flown in from Deer Lake, but not all the parts came in so it was pretty useless. The dental charts had to be made from scratch. The chair assembled. And a new dental assistant trained. But it is rewarding to have a dentist to come into our community. See Photos