Inviting all homepage users to share their stories and experiences

Everyone is invited to share their myknet story and experiences within the online discussion forum at ...

Please encourage other people you know who use MyKnet for their homepage to join these discussions as well so they too can share their myknet experiences within this online sharing space.

The K-Net team is working with three graduate students who are writing a paper about MyKnet. Adam Fiser (Toronto), Philipp Budka (Vienna) and Brandi Bell (Montreal) are interested in speaking with as many people as possible who have been using MyKnet over the years or who began using MyKnet and are now using some other service for their homepage.

If all goes well MyKnet will be featured in a special "Social Network" edition of the Journal of Computer Mediated Communications alongside Myspace and Youtube.

The three PhD graduate candidates would like to spend some time with you online (email, chat) or over the phone, to discuss your experience with MyKnet?  Their deadline for producing this paper is February 28th.

They are trying to address three major themes in their paper:

 1) The History of MyKnet.
 2) The Role of Youth.
 3) Cultural issues and opportunities.

They want to talk with and hear from as many of MyKnet's pioneer users and innovators and write the paper using as many original voices as they can. Maybe you could suggest some other people for them to contact as well?

Please visit their research site on the meeting space.

It would be GREAT if you would be willing to share your MyKnet story and experience with others within this online discussion. You need to sign up for a Meeting Space account if you do not already have one.

This opportunity would really help them with their paper and let others know about your work on myknet!

Thanks for your help with this work!