Keewaywin Nomination April 2002.

On the 2nd of April the community of Keewaywin had an election nomination meeting in Keewaywin. There was a lot of community participation in deciding on who should be running for chief and council. Yesterday the mail in ballots were sent out to all community members that reside outside of the community. They are given the chance like all in resident community members to cast in their votes. The mail in ballots also includes a self addressed stamped envelope, so that all they have to do is mark an X besides the candidates that they wish to chose. And just drop it in at any mailbox, or you can just send it anyway you want. You may send it it by plane or have it hand delivered Remember as soon as your mail in ballots come in the mail try to send it in as soon as you can, as we don't know when the mail for the ballots will come in. There is a deadline for the mail in ballots to be received which is on the 29th of April. The following are the nominees for the upcoming election which will be held at the band office on the 30th of April 2002. Running for Chief: Solly Kakegamic John Mckay Deputy Chief: Joe Meekis Allan Kakepetum Councillors: Silas Kakegamic Alice Kakegamic Lester Pascal Raymond Mason David Thompson Luke Monias Jason Kakegamic Halum Kakepetum If you are one of the Keewaywin community members and your ballots come in late due to the mail service and you want to vote. Or you need more information. You can contact any of the election committee members. Darren Potter (work) 807 771-1164 Dusty Kakegamic Leave message at 771-1210 Abraham Monias Leave message at 771-1210