KO team meets with regional IT partners in Thunder Bay

Meetings in Thunder Bay with a number of different partners involved in building and sustaining Information Technology networks across the region took place on Wednesday, Nov 22.

At the airports (Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay), informal discussions with members of the McMaster / Sioux Lookout doctors team members is resulting in further discussions around the growth of telehealth services and the network for applications including public health program development and delivery.

At the KORI office (http://research.knet.ca), Carl Seibel, FedNor Telecom Project Officer met with KO team members (Geordi, Brian Walmark, Franz and Brian Beaton) to discuss current initiatives and future IT opportunities and requirements.

At Confederation College, representatives from the college (Paul, Brent, Claire, Brian), Contact North (Pat via video conference), NOSM (Pasi), Keewatin Patricia Board of Education (Del), Rainy River Board of Education (Steven), ORANO (Phil, Ron), Northern Development and Mines (Randy), FedNor (Carl) and KO (Brian) met to discuss strategies for developing the ORION Research and Education fibre connections across the region. Regrets from Lakehead University and the Superior Greenstone Board reps were expressed.

After the folks from ORANO left, a number of people involved in Economic Development across the region joined the meeting to discuss strategies for "completing the job of making sure EVERY community in northern Ontario has access to broadband connections and applications". Northern Development and Mines is now looking to complete this work within their new mandate.

Later at the Valhalla, team KO team (Geordi and Brian) met with the new president and CEO of Thunder Bay Telephone (Peter Diedrich) to discuss possible partnership opportunities.