Keewaywin Winter Road update.

Keewaywin winter road is progressing very slow due to the machinery getting stuck in the high snow and the equipment breaking down. The winter road crew is working on the portage near the Weagamow Lake junction. The road is very steep with snow and only has a one way lane. On the other side of the portage on the ice, it is very slushy. There were vehicles parked on the ice, due to the fact that the winter road is not opened yet. Most of the Keewaywin people who were stuck on the other side had someone from the Keewaywin community pick them up by skidoo and traveled to the other side of the portage where they are picked up by vehicles. We are anticipating the road to be finished by this Friday. One person got stuck in the high snow going to Weagamow Lake. He didn't make the trip and got stuck on the ice. He stayed there for hours and his battery gave out too. He had no winter clothing and almost froze to death. It was a good thing someone was driving around, checking up on the road. Remember to take warm clothing when travelling on the winter road. Take a lighter, matches, and warm blankets with you. A little axe would be great to put inside your vehicle for protection and also for survival.