Keewaywin Clinic closes due to water problems.

The Keewaywin First Nation clinic will be closed for the duration of the week due to the fact that there is no running water. The clinic will be closed by the order of Health Canada. The community has been having difficulties with their water. The treatment plant needs to be replace due to the fact that there is hard water and most of the community residents have been complaining of stomache aches. The clinic has their sewage backed up and there is no pressure in the taps. Only a trickle of water is available for most houses. We must rely on buying bottled water from the community store for our drinking water. Due to the hard water, when we tried to boil tea or make coffe, some thing from the hard water floats to the surface, lime deposits are ruining all coffee makers all over the community. I personally have bought two coffee makers due to the fact of hard water. Someone will be coming from Balmertown to check up on the water situation today. They will be conducting tests and will try to remedy the situation.