Making the cable connections work in Keewaywin

About a week ago Allan Kakepetum's cable connection stopped working shortly after the cable modem was installed. I went there numerous times to figure out what was going on. All we knew was that the connection wasn't getting through to the house. On Friday we (Raymond, our community volunteer Joseph Meekis and myself) went out to the house to see if we could get it going again. First Raymond went up to the cable box on the telephone pole and connected a cable line to the adapter. Then we connected the other end directly to the cable modem which was plugged into the house with a long extension cord running outside. The cable modem wasn't recieving any data. Raymond then called Blair Electronics and told them about the problem. Blair suggested that we connect to another adapter on a nearby telephone pole. We found the nearest adapter about twenty feet away. I connected a cable to this adapter and ran the cable over to the connector at the house. When we got inside, to our delight (smiles all around ) the connection was once again established. It was a great feeling to have the connection going again because we had a hard time with it. I actually got a fever while doing this job but on Friday I was feeling better. The pictures were taken of the three of us, Raymond, Joseph and myself, by David McKay. I asked David who was busy at work if he had time to get these pictures posted and he was very much pleased to do so. This is what good team work can aspire to, big smiles and shiney faces all around. See the pictures