Alternative Federal Budget and Key Investments to Achieve Success for First Nations and Canada

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Assembly of First Nations National Chief Supports Alternative Federal Budget and Key Investments to Achieve Success for First Nations and Canada

February 5, 2014

(Ottawa, ON) - Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo expressed support for key investments that will support success for First Nations as set out in today's Alternative Federal Budget - "Striking a Better Balance" - released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

"We must see concrete, stable and predictable investments in First Nations people and communities to achieve real success and build a stronger Canada for all of us, and it has to happen now," said AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo. "To quote from the Alternative Federal Budget: ‘the social and economic costs of the status quo are too high'. We can all agree that educational attainment is a foundation for long-term economic stability and prosperity for all of Canada, and this is why First Nations have been calling for action on reform and investments in education for decades. We must fundamentally transform the relationship between First Nations and Canada in a way that respects our inherent and Treaty rights and fully implements our shared responsibilities to achieve better outcomes."

The Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) references key areas for investment in First Nations peoples and communities, speaks to the importance of implementing First Nations rights, and makes clear recommendations for removing barriers to education and economic opportunities, meeting basic needs and enhancing safety and security for First Nation communities.

Specifically, the AFB calls for new funding mechanisms based in partnership and the recognition of rights, Treaties and inherent First Nations jurisdiction, in ways that meet the needs of communities, based on fairness and reflective of the real costs of delivery of services by First Nations governments.

"By proposing a fundamental transformation of the fiscal relationship between First Nations and the Government of Canada, the Alternative Federal Budget echoes what First Nations have been demanding for years," said National Chief Atleo. "The cost of not investing in our peoples is far too high. We have the youngest, fastest growing population in the country. Investing in First Nations is investing in Canada's future. It is in all our interests to support First Nations success."

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