Rocksands River Graves

At the Severn’s junction with the Rocksands River, across the river from the ancestral camp site, are the graves of Elder Elizabeth Stoney and her great grand-daughter, Delona Stoney. 

Delona (daughter of Jack and Delia Stoney, and niece of Elijah Stoney) died at the age of six or seven months in the fall of 1963 near the ancestral village of Wah-weh-as-tun on the Fawn River. She was carried by paddling canoe in her tikinagan from Wah-weh-as-tun to the Rocksands River site and interred there next to her great-grandmother.

Elizabeth Stoney (nee Albany, great-grandmother to infant Delona, grandmother to Elijah Stoney). Her husband was married three separate times. 

These graves were restored for identification during the 2003 Elders’ Trip.