Grade 8 Online Supplementary English Literacy fall course open for registrations

G8 Program Registration is Now Open
The G8 Supplementary Courses Program ("G8 Program") was created to help First Nation students prepare for the demands of high school. This program provides First Nation grade 8 classrooms with online courses that highlight key skills and knowledge in the areas of Science, Math and English Literacy as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

All courses are free and run for about 2 months. It is important to stress that these courses are supplementary in nature. While a number of grade 8 curriculum expectations are covered throughout this program, these courses are not meant to act as a substitute to the regular classroom instruction. 

The first course (English Literacy) will run from Oct 8, 2006 to Jan 26, 2007. Students are required to be online for at least 3 hours per week (anytime). Registration is now open. 
The goals of the G8 Program are as follows:

  • Promote academic skills and knowledge in the core subjects of Science, Math and English Literacy.
  • Promote an understanding the high school system (ex. What is a credit?  What is the difference between elective and compulsory courses? How are different courses connected to different career paths? Etc.)
  • Promote pride and awareness in First Nation communities, issues and people
  • Promote computer literacy (file management, word processing, Internet research, graphics editing).
  • Promote communication between students and teachers in remote and rural First Nation schools.
  • Provide teachers with practical examples of how computers and the Internet can be used to enrich the learning of their students.

The courses are delivered via a secure online platform that was adapted to showcase First Nations communities across Ontario.  Students and teachers can use their online profile to exchange messages, chat and share pictures.  Students are asked to log in three times per week (the local teacher determines the actual day and hour). During this time, students review lessons and complete assignments.  The flexibility of the G8 Program allows teachers to make the program fit their local schedule. The course content is geared explicitly for Aboriginal students. Lessons often use subjects, places and situations that promote or reflect First Nations topics and environments. To find out more about the G8 Program, please visit