First Nation Jurisdiction Over First Nation Education in Ontario report released today

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To: Ontario First Nation Leadership

Fr: New Agenda Working Group and the Education Coordination Unit

Date: February 8, 2012


Today the Chiefs of Ontario release a report titled Our Children, Our Future, Our Vision: First Nations Jurisdiction over First Nations Education in Ontario.  This report is the direct result of resolution 11/19 passed at the Ontario Special Chiefs Assembly in April, 2011.  This report does not stand alone, but instead continues the important work and objectives set out in previous reports, studies, resolutions and strategic plans of First Nations in Ontario.  The invaluable contributions of First Nations community members in this process have been especially critical to advancing collective goals in relation to First Nation education.

This report will be used by the Chiefs of Ontario as a basis to formulate an action-oriented strategy that focuses on jurisdiction, equitable funding and cultural relevance to continue charting our own path forward in education.  The report forms a solid foundation to embark on a rights-based strategy that situates inherent and Treaty rights to education as the core element for future action.

The Chiefs of Ontario report is released to coincide with the release of the National Panel report on education which is part of a joint action plan between the Assembly of First Nations and the federal government. Through the submission of this report the First Nations in Ontario ensure regional diversity within Ontario are respected and captured.  

Attached please find an electronic copy of the report for your convenience. We certainly encourage you to review the report in its entirety, however, for ease of reference, the executive summary can be found on page v and the conclusion and recommendations begin on page 52.  A hard copy of the report will be mailed to your office within the next few days.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact, Sally Hare, Education Assistant at  (416) 597-1266 or email at or Julia Candlish, Education Coordinator at the same phone number or

Click here for a copy of the COO Report - Our Children, Our Future, Our Vision - First Nation Jurisdiction Over First Nation Education in Ontario - Report