Iroquois Nation competes against Canada at international lacrosse championships

Latest news - updated July 22, 2006


London, Ont. -- The Iroquois Nationals lost to Australia 21-8 in the Bronze Medal Game at the 2006 World Lacrosse Championships.  The Nationals finished the tournament as the fourth ranked team in the world.
The players and staff would like to thank everyone who supported the team during the tournament. Without the assistance of our fans, none of the team's accomplishments would have been possible.
We look forward to seeing everyone in Halifax, NS next year for the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships and in Manchester, England for the 2010 World Lacrosse Championships.


Iroquois Nation
1England 10Iroquois Nation 13Fri, Jul 1412:30 pm10 - 13 final
11Iroquois Nation 8Canada 12Sat, Jul 151:30 pm8 - 12 final
21Iroquois Nation 13Japan 11Sun, Jul 167:30 pm13 - 11 final
29United States 21Iroquois Nation 13Mon, Jul 174:00 pm21 - 13 final
38Iroquois Nation 12Australia 10Tue, Jul 184:00 pm12 - 10 final
Iroquois Nation 14Germany 6Wed, Jul 192:00 pm14 - 6 final
Iroquois Nation 6Canada 16Thu, Jul 207:30 pm6 - 16 final
Australia 21Iroquois Nation 8Sat, Jul 2211:00 am21 - 8 final
The Iroquois are a unique entity, comprising the only Native American team sanctioned to compete in any sport internationally. Prior to the induction of the Nationals into the International Lacrosse Federation, the Iroquois responded to a request by the NCAA to field a team for exhibition play with Canada and the United States NCAA national champions. The Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy formed a committee and a National Iroquois field Lacrosse team reemerged. We absorbed early defeat but our players enjoyed the competition and were inspired to take on the challenge of becoming a world-class team. Through the difficult developmental years, and the transition from box lacrosse to the field game, our men never lost faith. Those early players serve as inspiration to the Iroquois teams of today.
Baltimore, Maryland - 1998
1. United States
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. Iroquois
5. England
Adelaide, Australia - 1999
1. United States
2. Canada
3. Iroquois
4. England
5. Australia

Perth, Australia - 2002
1. United States
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. Iroquois
5. England

Our individual team members have also achieved great success. We have NCAA All-Americans, professional players in the National Lacrosse League, and many International Lacrosse Federation World Team members.

An indication of the quality of our players is that they are being recruited by national powerhouses in lacrosse, not only universities and colleges in the USA but also in Canada. Gewas Schindler has competed in three World Championships. He led his Loyola Greyhounds to 4 NCAA Tournaments, and is a three time All-American. Gewas was picked in the first round of the National Lacrosse League 1999 draft.


Cam Bomberry and Neal Powless are both three time All-Americans at Nazareth. Powless led Nazareth to two Division III Championships. Marshall Abrams, a standout defenseman on the Iroquois team has also made a name for himself at Syracuse University, earning three time All-American honors, and most notably, Defenseman of the Year in 2000. Marshall is a first-round draft pick for both box and field professional leagues.
Team members Rex Lyons and Drew Bucktooth have also made notables strides for the Iroquois. Rex is the only Iroquois player who has competed in all of the International games since 1983, scoring the most goals at the ILF World Games in Baltimore in 1998. Drew made the 1996 All World Team in Tokyo, Japan (at the age of 15) and made history when he was named to the World Team again 1999, making him the only player in the world to be selected to the ILF U-19 World Team twice!
The International Lacrosse Federation is the governing body of modern world lacrosse. The ILF Championships are held biannually between national teams from eleven countries of the world, including; Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Iroquois, Japan, Scotland, Sweden, United States, and Wales.

In July of 1998, the ILF Men's Championship in Baltimore, Maryland was a wonderful experience for the Iroquois, as they move up one giant step to fourth place in the world. Their play in 1998 served notice that the Iroquois Nationals are coming!

Our progress continued, in the 1999 at the Under -19 World Games in Adelaide, Australia, where we moved up again. Three of our players, Drew Bucktooth, Lance Mitchell, and Rodney Redeye were named to the ILF World Team. Delby Powless of Six Nations Territory, Ontario, was one of the top five leading scorers in the entire international competition. Delby was chosen first overall by the Buffalo Bandits in the 2004 National Lacrosse League draft.