North Spirit Lake explores mining partnerships with Ont Geological Survey team

On April 18 & 19, 2006, the Ontario Geological Survey department of M.N.D.M. held an information meeting in North Spirit Lake.

The presentation was on the “Far North Geological Mapping Initiative”, a 3 year program, now into its second year.

Presenters travelling to North Spirit Lake for this meeting included:

  • Andy Fyon, Director, Ontario Geological Survey, Sudbury
  • Lori Churchill, Information and Engagement Officer, Sudbury
  • Jack Parker, Senior Manager, Precambrian Geoscience Section, Sudbury
  • Andreas Lichtblau, Regional Resident Geologist, Red Lake

The intent of the “Far North Geological Mapping Initiative” is to produce up-to-date and more detailed geological maps for the mining industry (Data collection, Analysis, Delivery & Marketing).

The presentation is part the program’s “Aboriginal Engagement Approach”

  1. Activity this fall, airborne geophysical surveying.
  2. Activity next year, data collection by ground crews in the North Spirit Lake area. (3 crews of 5)
  3. Opportunities for North Spirit Lake First Nation :
    • Training (in the community) for “prospecting” and “claim staking”
    • Employment opportunities for First Nations individuals (line cutting)
    • First Nations individuals staking claims.
    • Joint ventures with mining industry.
    • Term position available for an information co-ordinator/liason person in the community.

This was an important step by the Ministry, to engage the First Nations community by way of meeting each other and exchanging information.

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