Deer Lake Christmas - 2001

Deer Lake is alive with the evidence of Christmas spirit everywhere. From Christmas concerts at the school and church, the annual Christmas parade to the Christmas Light Contest, Deer Lake is the place to be for Christmas. The David Meekis Memorial School held it's Christmas Concert on December 17 and featured music, drama and even a little bit of cross-cultural education. The Grade 9's performed the Mummer's Song which is a Newfoundland tradition where everyone dresses up in silly costumes and sings and dances. Joanne Parks, a teacher at the school, said, "I just wanted to share a little of my culture as well." All of the classes worked hard on their presentations which made for an enjoyable time for everyone who came out. The parade was a great success with a number of different organizations participating. The Harvest Pentecostal Church had it's Sunday School Christmas Concert, and like the school concert had a packed house. Banquets have been in full swing with the band, the school and the staff of the local Northern store each having one recently. With all of these events and others planned over the holidays--is it any wonder why I think that Deer Lake is the place to be for Christmas? Check out pictures of the Concert and some of the other events.