Our First Game - Girls Volleyball at DCMHS in T.Bay

Well, yesterday was our first senior and junior volleyball games over at our neighbour's gym (Churchill). I'll start with the junior's because they did very well and I'm, as a senior, pretty much happy for their victories over their opponents. They won three games straight and it leaves them with their three points. Their Captain Vietta Morris, congrats for taking them to their wins. As for the us, the seniors, we did good although we had ONLY the two weeks practice and the getting use to positions. We won the first game with a few girls that we completely nervous. Their hands shaking, their faces going red from shyness and the butterflies in their stomach's, all because of wearing shorts. But girls, we're up for a long season of volleyball and we have to show what we got as legs. Just kidding! But we have to get use to the topic of wearing shorts everygame. My Captain, who is also the smallest girl on the team, Stacey Fiddler, congrats for the one win. But we'll get back on top and we'll take back the games we lost, right? But anyways that should be all for now. Our next game is tomorrow and please people that go to school here in Thunder Bay, come and cheer for us. We need fans. Haha! For the rest of you not here in the area to come and watch us play ball, wish us luck.