Keewaywin Planning Workshop - Review and Future Needs - Day 5

The e-Center staff completed the week's overview of the workshop. The workshop facilitators asked questions such as: What worked well? Who was there? What did we learn? How was the workshop helpful? What can we do to change and improve on the next workshop? Ricardo and Helen were there with Les Meekis to do a summary of the week's events. The e-center staff was asked to monitor the diffferent uses of the technology that is in use today in Keewaywin. The spray diagrams were discussed and the overall week's events were summarized. The Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff located in their offices in Balmertown and Sioux Lookout joined us via video conferencing for the morning session. Before the workshop it seems the community were not clear about what the smart program was all about. Now, after the workshop, people know there is a smart program and what it is suppose to do in our community. The workshop helped explain what the smart program can do and how it is will assist as we enter into the new information technology world. The demonstrations, slide shows, presentations, group sharing and the community feast gave us a new meaning of togetherness and sharing. We were able to look at the direction we want for the future of our community using these communication technologies. The workshop helped us to better understand the technology that is out there and how we might use it to better ourselves.