Kuh-ke-nah Smart Keewaywin Community Workshop - Day 4

The Staff of the Keewaywin Administration, other Band staff members, Niska Lake Economic development Corp., Social Services and the public works employees all took part in day four of the Keewaywin workshop. Les Meekis and Raymond Mason opened up with the opening remarks and introduction of everyone in the workshop. Councillor Silas Kakegamic opened the workshop with the a prayer. The day's agenda was introduced. Ricardo and Helen of Telecom Development group started off the workshop developing charts, spray diagrams and a slide presentation. David Neegan also did a slide presentation on forestry and land use. Helen showed a presentation of how other learning centers are doing in other countries. She showed us slides of Peru and other improvished countries showing how technology has changed their lives. The slides showed what they are doing with ICTs and about it. I was surprised at how similiar their community and our reserve are. For instance the phone. They have a place where they have only one phone and they have to share it and buy time to use the phones. That was almost like Keewaywin when we first started the community. There was only one phone for the whole community. North Spirit had only one phone too, a pay phone which was located outside a building. As you can see we have come a long way and technology has just reached us and is going at an extremely fast rate. Jesse Fiddler meanwhile was doing his presentation on scanning, adobe photoshop features and demonstrations with the grades 7 & 8 class. They discussed different ways to use these programs. There were a lot of Keewaywin staff from different areas of employment who participated in the workshop. Everyone was very impressed with the presentations and demonstrations at the workshop. After all the slide presentation were done, Silas Kakegamic said a prayer to close the workshop for the day.