Elders speak to students about their Education

Thunder Bay - "When you graduate from school it will lead you to finding good jobs, and having a good life", said John George Kakekamic, A board Elder for N. N. E. C. During a visit at the Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School on Wednesday, November 21. Elder John George Kakekamic, who has been working for N. N. E. C. for about 10 years, encouraged the students to stay in school. He also spoke about alcohol. He said, "I don't want you guys (students) to use alcohol. Alcohol builds lots of problems and it can ruin your education." "I want you to be happy; happy to be in school. A lot of times students don't graduate, that is one of the greatest thing you can get when you graduate. It will lead you to finding many good jobs, and having a good life. That is my hope, that you would graduate." said Kakegamic. Mr. Kakegamic who has the knowledge, travels to N. N. E. C. locations like Winnipeg, Ear falls, and Pelican Falls First Nation's High School in Sioux Lookout. He talks to students about how life was in his days and that now a days it has changed. Kakekamic said, "Sometimes I weep, because the students don't make it because of the problems they face. Whenever you go through trouble talk to someone, someone you trust. Don't keep it to your self. In the past students that were in trouble just got sent home. Today, it is different. Your parents and your grandparents expect you to stay in school and to finish your school." Kakekamic ended his speech with, "Now a days students everywhere use computers to learn, to get more Information." The school elder Johnny Tait, from Sachigo Lake, also talked to the students about staying in school, He said, "We're here because we care about the students, We want them to know that we're here to help." Tait, Who has been working with the N. N. E. C. since the school opened last year also said, "I don't want students to drink, because drinking ruins your education." Elder Stephen Kakepetum, of Sandy Lake came to check out the students, to see how they were doing. He spoke a few words then closed off with a prayer and blessed the food that the students had after the gathering.