Keewaywin's Kuh-Ke-Nah Smart Community Planning Workshop - Day 3

The Keewaywin school closed for the day so the staff could attend the workshop and contribute to the planning for the use of ICTs for education and training in the community. Lorriane Kakegamic, the Education Director said the opening prayer. Education and training was the topic for the day, with the local Kuh-ke-nah staff and K-net on hand to help with the workshop. The same format that was used for the health department was again used today. Everyone present were asked about their expectations for the community. Questions such as what is good education, how to get there (programs), and how can we measure and document how much technology is being used, were discussed. Everyone offered their input and a lot of information was collected for a spray diagram displaying everyone's suggestions. This information was then used to organize and group common themes together. There were a lot of questions and answers throughout the workshop. The session gave everyone the opportunity to ask questions such as the modems, when will the cable system be hooked up and explanations of why the old computers are so slow in getting information off the web. While the workshop was in progress Jesse Fiddler went to the KiHS room to get his video equipment set up. The high school students were on hand to help with the set up of equipment and actually doing the taping. The students were interviewed on how technology has changed their lives and what they think the future holds for the technology that is being used today in their community. Jesse, Blue and I are making out templates for creating a new web site for the information collected which we will be posting at a later date. It will be a web page for all the communities displaying the findings from the community surveys and the workshops that the Kuh-ke-nah project has been doing and will be doing. See the photos at Photo Gallery