Keewaywin Community Feast

Keewaytinook Okimakanak's Kuh-ke-nah Smart program hosted a community feast for Keewaywin. Our councillor Freddie Kakegamic said the prayer for the feast. The whole community gathered together at the Keewaywin School Gym to participate and join us for the feast. We sat the elders of the community at the head of the table. There was a lot of food served, thanks to the volunteer services of the church, businesses and community, who pooled all their efforts to make the feast a success. I was on hand to take photographs. The feast was fun and there was much laughter throughout the feast. Everyone chipped in to help clean up the gym after the feast. There was a lot of food left over and a lot of people were happy to take home a huge doggie bag. The kids were having fun with the demonstration of the camera which was set up. They were having a ball looking at themselves on the television screen. The community of Keewaywin would like to thank the Northern Chiefs Kuh-Ke-Nah Smart Program for throwing this feast together. See the pictures at Photo Gallery