"Walk For Life" by NAN community members

Bearskin Lake First Nation member Ophelia Kamenawatamin and other volunteers from different communites are doing a "Walk For Life". The walk started from Ontario/Manitoba border on August 6, 2001. The desired destination is to reach the Nation's Capital of Ottawa, Ontario. The "Walk For Life" is to raise funds for the dialysis equipment for the new hospital in Sioux Lookout. It is also intended to raise public awareness for adequate housing which dialysis patients desperately require for comfort, especially in a small town like Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Ophelia understands quite clearly that dialysis patients have to relocate to the South where the equipment is available, in order for these people to depend on these machines for life support. She is also aware due to the family and friend's separations, the closest home they can get to their home communities with these services is Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Ophelia herself has a thirty-two year old daughter who has been a dialysis patient ever since from her early teenage years. In order for her to make this special event to happen, she is pleading for your active support for this worthwhile cause. Within the next few weeks, she will need more volunteers to help in the walk and she will definitely need more financial assistance along the way. Any group members / individuals wishing to support the "Walk For Life" are now welcome to make pledges anytime. Your financial contributions can be forwarded to the First Nations Health Authority in Sioux Lookout, Ontario (Tel 807-737-4011). In addition, I would like to encourage everyone in the NAN area to make a pledge in support of the "Walk For Life".