CBC's the National covers Washaho school closure in Fort Severn

The National news on CBC television sent a crew to Fort Severn to document the challenges facing the community as a result of the closure of the local Washaho School due to mold contamination and structural problems. Fernando Oliveria, a former Fort Severn KiHS teacher, created a web page documenting all the coverage that this national story is generating. Fernando is now teaching the on-line Grade 8 supplementary courses that the Fort Severn Grade 8 students are using to support their home schooling experience. He writes ....

"I recorded the CBC news report a week ago (Dec 18) and added it to a page containing links to all the other media reports. Not sure if it's of any use, but I thought it might help to keep the story alive. Feel free to pass it along if you think it might be useful. It could be developed into some sort of online petition or just a site for quick assess to information. If you have any changes/additions, please send them along.  Here's the page: