Crisis situation in Fort Severn results in letters to Prime Minister and INAC

The situation in Fort Severn continues to deteriorate as more families feel the need to temporarily re-locate to urban centres so their children can attend school. While some families are moving out of the communities other residents continue to try to make the best of a very difficult environment. Using a combination of temporary facilities and home schooling, the teachers and students are trying to ensure that the students who remain in Fort Severn do not lose their school year.

Following up on previous correspondence with INAC, letters have now been sent to the Prime Minister of Canada requesting his assistance in resolving this situation in Fort Severn and inviting him to visit the community. A copy of this letter is available by clicking here. As well, the actual letter that was sent to INAC in response to their two previous letters can also be read by clicking here.

The links to other newspaper stories and information about this situation can be found by clicking here to read the Nov 28 K-News story.