Maamowi Wiichii'itwin (Working Together) Walk from Pikangikum To Winnipeg

Press Release Maamoowi Wiichii'itwin (working together) Walk from Pikangikum, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba gets underway today with 55 enthusiastic particpants prepared to make the 600 kilometre trip. July 25, 2001 Today over 55 people of the community of Pikangikum, Ontario began the 600 kilometre Maamoowi Wiichii'itwin (working together) Walk. While increasing awareness of the plight of First Nations people living in isolated northern communities, the Walk hopes to raise $100,000 to build a Recreational Centre in the community. "Our community is completely without any form of recreational facilities for our youth." stated Chief Louis Quill at the start of the walk. "Through our efforts we are hoping to raise funding to help get our much needed recreational centre under way." he stated. The walkers plan to cover 20 - 25 kilometres per day completing the walk in Winnipeg roughly around August 10th. "We have set a challenging pace," said Leo Quill one of the walk's organizers, "but we are a strong and determined community who face difficult living challenges every day. We want the people of Canada to see that by working together we can solve the social problems faced by First Nation people." "Canadians are not getting an accurate view of First Nations communities," Quill stated, "although we do have alcohol and sniffing problems among our youth, many good things are happening in our community too. We want the people of Canada to see that we are just like many other communities in this country, trying to solve our own problems." This community has been plagued by six suicides this year. Establishing a Recreational Centre in the community to provide the youth of Pikangikum with positive alternatives would greatly reduce the risk of suicide for the youth in Pikangikum. "We encourage people to join our Maamoowi Wiichii'itewin Walk as we journey to Winnipeg, "stated Chief Louis Quill, "Walking together and working together we begin the healing journey of the Pikangikum people". For more information contact Kevin G Suggashie/Samson Keeper, Working Together Walk Telephone (807) 773-5578 Fax: (807) 773-5536