Connecting All First Nations to Broadband

There have been a number of newspaper articles written about the Broadband Task Force report: The New National Dream: Networking the Nation for Broadband Access. Just last week after the AFN meeting in Halifax the Globe and Mail carried the story “High-speed Internet Service Would Link All Native Reserves” and CBC on-line news had the story “New plans to bring Internet to First Nation reserves”. In the June 28 edition of Wawatay News, the release of the New National Dream report was covered in the article, “National Broadband Task Force”. The Sioux Bulletin also carried an article about the release of the report in their June 27 paper, with the front page headline “High-speed Internet access for everyone”.

The report is available on-line (the Broadband Task Force final report). For additional information about connecting communities to broadband networks, check out the National Broadband Task Force web site, Reports and Papers in the Resource Area. There are many excellent reference documents that were used to assist the task force in developing their final report.